buddha fistJust like the Buddha fist story that led to a duel between two brothers, so too this site will offer head-to-head comparisons of seemingly similar products, and then share with you the marginal benefits of each. Beyond that, we will also deliver insightful articles of breaking news within skin cancer research and the latest authoritative strategies on the best protection for your skin.

Regarding our Buddha Fist theme — as you likely know from your own experience — it only takes a slight change to make a powerful difference!

My favorite example is in the way 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of baking soda in a bathtub of warm water fully calm’s all sorts of skin irritations (sunburn, poison IV, mosquito bites, etc.).

Small changes bring mighty improvements!

Small Changes bring mighty improvements

Perhaps more important, different changes lead to different improvements across individuals. For example, my wife can drink a liter of Coca-Cola, and feel little change from it. However, if I drink a liter of that same soda I would quickly find myself outside running around in circles from all that caffeine!

My point is this: be Daring! Because we know that the small changes lead to big improvements!

Watch out and be on the alert for articles right here in this website that can quickly touch your life and make an improvement. Our goal is to provide new articles daily while we start our site, to ensure you have a nice variety of information to read. Once we reach 40 articles, we will slow down a bit, and seek out more diverse research.

Please let us know what you are keen to read.any question

Question: is reading enough?

No! Carefully consider how you will be putting this wisdom to work in your life today. Right now.

Think about it! You may find the secret to greater life happiness that you did not know was absent. Read on to find what you’ve been missing!