Dermatology News

Dermatology is that science’s branch that deals with skin & diseases relating to skin. Dermatology includes distinctive specialty relating to surgical facts as well as medical facts. We call the person practicing dermatology as a dermatologist. Dermatologists caters special treatment for the disease of the skin in a broader range & also caters effective remedies for the cosmetic problems relating to scalp, nails, hair and skin.

History of Dermatology

Dermologie is a French term from which the term dermatology had its origin, in 1764, in 1777 from a Latin word known as dermatology & in 1819 from an English word. But actually, from dermatos, a Greek-word, the term dermatology has been derived. Dermatos means skin & by the word logos we mean study.

Dermatology school was established in 1801and later this school came to be known as Hospital Saint Louis, situated in Paris. Willan’s released the first book based on the study dermatology during 1798 – 1808 and during 1806 – 1814, Albert’s introduced 1st atlas relating to the study of dermatology. In 1952, Dr. Norman Orentreich, introduced advancements in the field of dermatology. He made researchers on hair transplantation.

Dermatology Disciplines

Following are the disciplines of dermatology:

  1. Cosmetic-dermatology – An important role is being played by dermatologists in the cosmetic-surgery fields. By many dermatologists, the fellowship is completed in the surgical-dermatology. They treat the patient by using Botox, laser surgery and fillers. Dermatologists execute the procedures involved in cosmetic dermatology like liposuctions, facelifts & blepharoplasty.
  2. Dermatopathology – The person who is specialized in the field of skin pathology is known as dermatopathologist. The pathologists and dermatologists contribute equally to the field of skin pathology.
  3. Immunodermatology – Immunodermatologists treat disorders relating to immunity like bullous-pemphigoid, pemphigus-Vulgaris & lupus.
  4. Pediatric-dermatology – A pediatric-dermatologists must treat and assess neonate disease of skin & Geno dermatoses.


Here are the therapies that a dermatologist provides:

  • Cosmetic filler injections
  • Removal of hair by using laser
  • Transplantation of hairs – is a cosmetic surgery procedure which most of the dermatologist’s practice.
  • Laser-therapy – It is used for removing marks by birth or any other disorders of the skin, such as vitiligo, removing of tattoo & cosmetic rejuvenation and resurfacing.
  • Photodynamic-therapy – It is that therapy which is use for treating skin cancer & precancerous-growth.
  • Phototherapy – This therapy includes the usage of broadband-UVB, narrowband UVB, UVB and psoralen.
  • Removing of tattoo with the help of laser.
  • Cryosurgery – It is the surgery done for treating skin cancers, warts & other types of dermatosis.
  • Radiation therapy – A dermatologist practices this therapy rarely. Most of the dermatologist’s cater this therapy in his office.
  • Tumescent-liposuction – Gynecologist invented liposuction and one dermatologist adopted this procedure in the field of dermatology and today it is practiced widely by gynecologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.