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The Portland metropolitan area, also sometimes referred to as the Greater Portland area, is centered on the city of Portland and extends through portions of Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill counties. It also includes a portion of Southern Washington, within Clark and Skamania counties. This area includes more than 2.25 million residents. Included in that number are many who suffer from acne, as does a total of around %16 of all U.S. Residents

Acne vulgaris, or acne, as it’s simply known in most places, is a skin disease that not only has physical effects, but mental ones as well. A Portland Oregon dermatologist provides Portland acne treatment for many throughout the area that are affected by this troublesome condition.

Portland Acne Treatment

Many people have tried home remedies for acne: creams, poultices, magic potions, as-seen-on-TV-products and methods that grandma used in the 30s. For some people that stuff works, while the others are left wondering how to deal with their acne of varying levels of severity. When those “other” methods run out, it’s time to get Portland acne treatment from a certified Portland Oregon Dermatologist.

Your Portland Dermatologist will assess the severity of your acne and then provide some of the following treatment processes. Most often your dermatologist will start out with benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide has worked for many individuals and often comes in the form of various gels, creams or gentle soaps. This treatment is tried over several weeks or months to see if they effect the acne and clear it up. The key with this treatment is follow directions implicitly; it must be done consistently. If this isn’t the solution for you, medication will be the next step.

There are various prescription medications for Portland acne treatment. Again, the medicine used is dependent on the severity of your condition and also your other medical history. Side effects of most acne medications are excessive skin and facing drying, pay attention to your doctor’s instructions and contact them should any negative reactions occur.

Alternative Treatments

Should the above not work, there are other alternative and emerging treatments. For serious cystic acne, in the form of boils, surgical lancing will probably be a first step. Treatment for those may combine oral and topical medications. Apart from that, Dermabrasion and Photodynamic therapy may be in order.

Portland photodynamic therapy is the process of using specific colors of intense light frequencies to treat the skin’s surface. This often has similar results to peroxide when used over a several week period and the effect tends to last longer as well. Dermabrasion therapies can be painful, as they essentially remove the top, damaged layers of the skin. Newer Microdermabrasion techniques have reduced the pain with new, less invasive techniques that gently exfoliate the skin.

Acne can be irritating and painful, and moreover it can have a negative psychological impact on those that suffer from it. Should you or someone you know be struggling with an acne problem, contact a local dermatologist and begin a course of Portland acne treatment as soon as possible.