Facts About Skin Care

After the 2002 U.S. Census Survey, was little more than 12 billion dollars on hair, nail and skin care services issued nationwide. In the same year, there were more than 400,000 people employed as cosmetics professionals. Needless to say, the demand is clear and it is certainly not slowing down. One of the main reasons why America will continue to expand quest for eternal youth is the introduction of new skin care tools, and that new services that are available. At the forefront of the fight against aging lasers offer a variety of solutions for many common ailments that plague us for centuries. Lasers produce light, and light is a byproduct of heat. In most cases, a laser is used to deliver heat to cause a change in the tissue.

What kind of change, you ask? Lasers for a variety of applications, the permanent removal of unwanted hair, reducing the occurrence of wrinkles in the removal of spider veins and more should be used. So, how does a laser remove hair? There are lasers that are specifically designed to deliver light to produce heat off, the goals and then the hair follicles ability to grow. Wrinkle reduction is achieved by using a similar process. There are special laser systems, which is a specific form of light energy, the heat, which occurs through the water in the collagen in our skin absorbs irradiated produce. Collagen is a part of what makes the skin soft, supple and elastic. When our skin is at its peak, which is typically in the late twenties, it seems, young and healthy.

When we get older, the collagen is much less dense, which results in thin or flaccid skin. When laser energy is absorbed by the water found in the collagen, it helps to heat the collagen in order to damage it. When the body through its natural reaction, observed that the collagen is damaged, it will work hard to repair and rebuild these structures. The result is an increase in the production of collagen and collagen density eventually. Physiologically speaking, the appearance of the skin, it was maybe five or even ten years earlier by a reset back to its anatomical Clock.

Another example of the use of lasers in skin care is the reduction of vascular lesions that are most commonly defined as spider veins or broken capillaries. If your skin care specialist will use a laser to take when approaching a skin care problem of this kind, they are damaging to deliver again heat to the tissue in an effort to structure and encourage the body to repair and eliminate its non-functioning components.

These and many other similar skin care solutions are in most of the more than two thousand medical spas across the country away. These providers of advanced esthetic and cosmetic medical services are often professionals with specialized training in the efficient and safe use of these types of technologies. With each passing year, laser procedures are a common part of modern skin care. Maybe twenty years ago it would have been difficult to imagine, have performed at your local mall to have lunch at a service of this kind, but today it is difficult, a large shopping center in which is not a medical spa is available to identify.