How To Keep Skin Healthy

The use of good skin care products is an important part of how to keep the skin healthy and smooth. The word “good” should be underlined, because many of the products you see on the market are bad.

Moisturizers are very important, yet most of the ingredients in facial creams and lotions are not moisturizing. Many of them will strip away the skin’s vital elements, eventually leaving it drier than ever before.

Regardless of whether your complexion is oily or dry, you should always use a moisturizer after cleansing. All of our professional cleaners will strip away the skin’s sebum and cause flaking or dryness.

The chemicals in plain tap water are another problem. They cause stripping, too. Chlorine is an example of a chemical that causes dryness.

Having dry skin increases your risks of wrinkles, which are things we all want to avoid. Sometimes we don’t think about them until it is almost too late.

Luckily, new moisturizing ingredients have been found to reverse fine lines and other visible signs of age.
If you want to know how to keep the skin healthy and smooth, you need to make a list of bad ingredients and avoid products that contain them. I won’t list them all here, because there are just too many, but petroleum-based alcohols and mineral oils are a couple of the worst.

Ingredients that you want in your skin care products include grape seed oil and tiny particles of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. Natural vitamin E is another ingredient that should be in all of your skin care products. Manufacturers who use natural vitamin E do not have to add artificial preservatives, which are also bad ingredients.

Recent studies indicate the use of creams containing tiny particles of CoQ10 is how to keep the skin healthy and smooth, reverse sun damage, reduce wrinkles and improve your skin’s overall appearance. The antioxidant works to prevent and repair free radical damage, but the particles must be reduced in size in order for them to penetrate.

Overexposure to sunlight is one of the main causes of free radical damage, but the chemicals in skin care products can act like free radicals too. So, you want to look for products that contain the most natural ingredients. On the other hand, some natural ingredients must be changed slightly, such as reducing the size of the particles of CoQ10, in order to provide the most benefits.

There are other things you could learn about how to keep the skin healthy and smooth. The more you know, the healthier and better looking your skin will be.