Recent Advances in Dermatology

For a non-invasive anti-aging cosmetic dermatology treatment, consider a photo facial. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photo facials effectively refresh skin, anti-aging your appearance.

What Do Photo facials Treat?

If you suffer from rosacea, sun damage, acne scars, fine lines or red and brown spots on your skin, a Photo facial, or Foto facial™, may be able to help you. However, photo facials do not work well on wrinkles. They may diminish this thin, miniature lines around the face, but for deep-set, genuine wrinkles, a different procedure may be necessary.

Photo facials tend to be best for people past their younger years as it particularly targets signs of aging. Anti-aging tools like photo facials need to work against a variety of age-related symptoms like gravity, physical decomposition and sun damage. These three sources can cause people to age prematurely as they all damage the collagen within our skin; the collagen is what keeps our skin tight and smooth. Thus, the fine lines in the corners of the face. Photo facials help reduce those lines, delivering a taut, smooth canvas of skin.

To create this effect, your Austin cosmetic dermatologist moves a specific tool over the skin; this tool emits IPL. The IPL heats the inner layer of skin while at the same time cooling the outer layer of skin.

A Foto facial™ can treat the face, neck, chest, arms or hands.

How Long Does a Foto facial™ Take?

Although the light pulses take no time at all – approximately 2.5 milliseconds – the entire treatments lasts between a half-hour and an hour. The length of time depends on the specific area being treated. If just a small area requires treatment, it’ll take less time than if the patient requests all the available areas to be treated at once. A given area requires multiple sessions for the best results. Three to six sessions dictates the average for most people’s skin treatment.

One of the main attractions for this cosmetic dermatology treatment lies in its feasibility and convenience. There’s essentially no recovery time to a photofacial treatment.

If you’re looking for anti-aging cosmetic dermatology in Austin, TX, call Zimmet Vein & Dermatology today to discuss the benefits of a Photofacial treatment.