Skin Protection Tips

It’s wrong that you just apply sun-proof products at the day of high exposure. Do you know even in the dark weather, UV radiation rays in the sunlight remain active which most cause wrinkles, age spots, fragility, etc. Over the years, your skin naturally shows signs of aging and the worse cause is the accumulation of sun radiation. As the result, there are some effective ways to sweep out skin damages.

Appropriately applying sun-proof cream

Remember to apply sun-proof cream 30 minutes before going out and redo after each 90 minutes. Especially, in the water you should rub sun-proof more regularly with a adequate quantity. The ideal index of sun-proof cream is SPF 15 upwards.

Assuring skin moisture

Moisture lack is the culprit of crack skin, so it’s vital to apply moisturizing cream. You should drink much water and apply moisturizing cream two time each day. Sun-proof cream containing moisturizing substance is the best.

Simplifying make-up

It’s advised that you shouldn’t abuse make-up, please mildly make up. You know in most of the skin care products, especially in make-up cosmetics, there are lots of substances highly exposing to the sunlight. Therefore, you should simplify your make-up steps only with eye-lining, lipstick and base- cream applying.

Applying dead-skin removal cream

To restore the skin’s appearance, applying dead-skin removal cream 2-3 times every week will promote the effect of skin care products. It’s better to remove dead cells with natural products such as fruits and plants.

Diet balance

Remember to maintaining the daily diet with anti-oxidized green foods such as hami melon or avocado. Besides, eggs and fishes help effectively improve your skin.