Sun and Skin Research

Despite being the most prominent reason behind the survival of human being and entire plant and animal kingdom, the Sun sometimes poses ominous risk and threat to our skin. As skin constitutes the most significant part of the entire body structure, we need to take care of it in the best, efficient, intensive and serious manner. The advancing global warming concern due to which the Sun is becoming hotter day by day has made us to take resort to various skin care and sun protection products to keep our skin healthy and young.Various reputed companies have introduced several sun protection products in different forms that can keep our skin protected against hard sun rays during summer as well as winter. One such product is a gradual tan extender which protects and extends your sunless tan for a longer time. This is in form of a hydrating skin conditioning cream that includes Sweet Almond & Jojoba oils and DHA. Collectively they help to ensure your tan fades evenly.

Apart from the products you can also use certain tips to protect your skin against the harmful radiation of Sun. Sun protection becomes a must because excessive sun exposure sometimes cause skin damage that can progress to a serious stage like skin cancer.

To avoid sun radiation you should cover up your skin as much as possible with sun protective clothing. Today there are clothes that provide sun protection especially against ultraviolet rays. These clothing come equipped with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) ratings between 15 and 50. While going out in Sun you must cover your head with wide brim hats that are made of thick cotton fibers which offer great sun protection for the face, ears, neck and chest.

Next in the line of shields enabling Sun protection is sunscreen. You must apply sunscreen while going out in Sun to protect your skin against harmful radiation of the Sun. You should use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of over 30 on entire exposed areas of the body. Reapplying of sunscreen is required in summer for them who sweat profusely. However, a water-resistant sunscreen will not require reapplying.

To keep your skin glowing and unaffected from daunting Sun rays you must be cautious about reflections of water, snow, glass, sand, cement and any reflective surfaces. These reflections contribute in increasing exposure to ultraviolet lights to a huge extent. Also windows may contribute to sun damage to your skin. That is why it is recommended to drivers and car passengers to apply a good quality sunscreen and wear protective clothing to prevent excessive sun exposure.

By implementing the abovementioned tips and using the sun protection products you can add value to your skin outlook even in scorching summer and chilly winter. You must exercise additional caution towards your face because face plays an instrumental role in defining your entire physical beauty. For more information please Visit: