Top Skin Care Products

Every expert has their opinion about the top skin care products. Some experts like specific brands. Others are impressed by ingredients like sunscreens. A few of us are concerned about safety and effectiveness.

It doesn’t matter about the brand name. It doesn’t matter what celebrity or designer endorses the product. The only things that are important are the ingredients.

Natural ingredients are the safest. But, there are a few exceptions. Essential oils are among them.

An essential oil is a water-based concentrated plant fragrance. Fragrances of all kinds are problematic for many people. They are the most common causes of allergic reactions, but one of the most troubling factors is that they can cause depression and other emotional issues, without the user realizing what is causing the problem.

Aromatherapy works because certain fragrances elicit certain reactions in the central nervous system and the brain. The nose is directly connected the nervous system because the sense of smell was very important to early man.

In my opinion, the top skin care products are those that are unscented. They are free of added fragrances. A dab or two of an essential oil does not usually cause problems. But, facial cream, body lotion and other items that are spread over a large area of the body should not contain them.

Some of the sunscreens on the market pose safety hazards, too. Researchers have shown that the sun-screening compounds benzophenone and oxybenzone are photo-carcinogens. They cause mutations in DNA strands when exposed to sunlight. Those mutations can cause the formation of a cancerous growth.

Lotions and creams that are designed for daily use do not need to contain a sun-screening agent. The top skin care products, again, in my opinion, do not contain sunscreens. We are intelligent enough to use a sun-block when we are out in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes at a time.

The best choice for sun-protection is zinc oxide. It is the safest and most well researched. It blocks both UVA and UVB. Most sunscreens only block one or the other, not both. If you want to get the most protection that you can for your face and you are a woman, you can buy makeup that contains zinc oxide. There is a couple of all-natural lines that are made from it.

The sun does a lot of damage to our faces. The damage eventually leads to wrinkles and an aged appearance. So, what do the top skin care products contain that delays or addresses the causes of cellular aging? That’s a good question. Isn’t it?

Antioxidants address free radical damage, which is caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun. Free radical damage is the cause of cellular aging throughout the body.

While sunscreens are a common ingredient in skin care products, antioxidants are not. It should be just the opposite. We need antioxidants more often than we need a sunscreen. If you want the top skin care products, look for ones that contain the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. It’s simply the best.